AVS Video Converter Review

If you like to play around with videos, the AVS Video Converter should be just what you need. You may want a program that you can make DVDs from movie clips or video clips from your computer. You may want to enhance your videos to your liking. This program can do it all.

This program will transform any video file format into the many other formats available. Therefore you can adopt your video formats to be used on DVD players, iPods, PSP’s and more. The AVS Video Converter program is available for download together with a complete software collection with 18 other tools. You can buy a 1 year subscription for the whole software suit for $29 and for $59 dollars you can get it for an unlimited subscription. The download of the software includes a free trial to see if you like the product. If you do, then you may want to purchase for continued use. The available formats available for conversion are DVD, AVI, 3GP, MPEG, MOV, WMV and many more.

The AVS video Converter program works with using profiles. There is a conversion bar that mentions all the formats. It will allow you to select as many files as you want to and it will allow you to select the order you want to convert your files. There are a number of presets that will provide you with different qualities for different portable devices.

Users can customize their videos with the different settings. AVS video Converter comes with an editing tool allowing the user to edit many files they way choose. This allows you to change the frame size, the audio format, file type, frame rate and audio channels and resolution. It can be saved or replace one that already exists.

When you want to make a DVD, the codex you use will make all the difference. Some codex versions are DivX, Xvid and MPEG4.

There are certain marks that can be used to edit your videos. There may need to be adjusted but here are a few examples: Blur, Gaussian Blur, Motion blue, Sharpen and more. You can even adjust your colors with invert, equalize, brightness and more. You will also have an area to use that is a preview area and you will be able to see what it looks like before you finish and save your work. You can choose to add and subtract things as you like.

The AVS video Converter is a good stable program and has a lot of benefits. If you like to play around with your videos, this program is the one you may need. It can do all you need it to do. With a little practice you can enhance your movies, make DVD’s that will last you a live time. Videos of the family and friends can become a virtual photo album that will also make great gifts. Enhancing your movies will give them a clear vision of perfection.

If you have many programs at home that you have tried in the past and are not happy with, then maybe you should give AVS video Converter a try and put all the other ones aside. AVS video Converter – One program should be all you need to do the job right.