Using Mac Video Capture Software and Converters On Your Apple Products and Mobile Devices

While the Apple Mac and Macbook Pro make for great media computers there are still times when you find yourself looking for third-party software to get the job done. One of the most popular internet past-times at the moment is being able to download and covert media so that it can display correctly on mobile devices.

Grabbing screen captures for your presentations is easy using QuickTime if you are using one of the later versions of Mac OS X. Using the built-in screen record mode it’s possible to create short videos of your screen display and mouse actions as you navigate around your workspace. Creating presentations for work or how-to guides to share with others is easy using this method.

There are other software packages available that allow you more control over your mac video capture. Programs such as Camtasia for Mac incorporates video editing functions such as picture in picture, annotations and audio manipulation features. Although this is paid software it does offer some premium functions that make creating video slide shows and presentations more professional.

If, on the other hand, you want to capture video from an external device such as a video camera then you will need to use a different sort of software and most likely some new hardware as well. There are several USB connected video capture boxes on the market that can take a video output from devices such as games consoles, DVD players and VHS recorders and convert it into digital format on your Apple Mac.

These types of adapters are perfect for transferring you old home movies to your computer so as to preserve your memories and make them more accessible. One of the most popular manufacturers of this type of device is Elgato who provide a range of capture methods from simple dongles to high-definition converters.

If you want to do something a little more technical, such as downloading streaming video and audio, then you are going to require specialized software to accomplish it. You should note that, in many cases, downloading media that is not your own will be a direct violation of the content creators copyright. If you are working with your own productions then this should not be an issue.

With the rise in popularity of portable media devices, such a tablets and smartphones, many users are looking for ways to make their media playable across all of their devices, from iPad to iPhone. Video converter software provides a simple solution to this problem as it is able to quickly reformat media into different resolutions and file formats to accommodate most common players.

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Free iPhone Video Converter Software – What to Look for in iPhone Video Conversion Freeware

If you have bought yourself an iPhone, you already know how amazing they are! But, as with any new and cool technology, you want to make sure you maximize the features…including the ability to watch video and movies on your phone.

Since you don not have all your favorite films and videos in a format that work on the iPhone, you need something that can convert them into an iPhone-compatible format. Plus…why pay for conversion software if you don’t have to?

When looking for iPhone video converter software, you need to make sure the software can convert most popular audio and video formats – such as AVI, WMV, MOV, RM, RMVB, DAT, FLV, ASF, MPG, and MPEG – to the iPhone-supported MP4 video and H.264 video formats.

You also want software that easily extracts audio signals from video to iPhone audio MP3, M4A, AAC format with excellent quality. After all, what exactly is the point of converting a movie when you cannot understand the dialog?

Since many people want this software to be able to convert files ranging from movies to home-made videos to YouTube clips, fast conversion speed is obviously an important consideration.

You will probably also want to be able to do some editing. Perhaps you need to make a clip brighter. Or say you only want a section of a movie because it has your favorite lines of all time…your conversion software must allow you to do this.

You also want iPhone conversion software that will allow you to control the play mode, such as full screen or 4:3, as well as resolution, frame rate, bit rate and sample rate.

Another feature you should look for in your iPhone conversion software is ease of use. You want easy-to-understand instructions and intuitive processes. You should not have to struggle to convert movies and videos to play on your iPhone.

And, of course, you want free!

Since the iPhone came out, many software companies have come out with video-to-iPhone converters, although most are demos with watermarks on the output or time limits.

When looking for free iPhone video converter software available for downloading and installing on your PC or Mac, remember to search for “freeware”.